Our sourdough is slightly sour and mildly tangy and compliments any sandwich or dinner entree. Made with natural yeast "starters," sourdough has a moist interior and chewy crust.

Pain de Campagne

Originating in the countryside of France, this bread has a mild "sour" taste that comes from the natural starter used. Combined with the nutty flavor of the whole wheat flour, Pain de Campagne is a staple on tables throughout Europe. This bread is a perfect compliment to any sandwich.

Olive Bread

We take our Pain de Campagne bread and load it with the finest quality blonde and Kalamata olives. The addition of freshly roasted garlic produces a rich but subtle taste.


This flat bread has its origins in the towns and villages of Italy. Ciabatta is known for the many large holes or "eyes" in the crumb making it perfect when dipped into hot soup or covered with a fine olive oil.


Similar to our Ciabatta, this traditional Italian flatbread is flavorful as is or complimented with a wide variety of ingredients. In the case of our Herb Focaccia, we add dried oregano and basil making it a perfect bread for any restaurant table.


Made with the traditional semolina pasta flour and rolled in toasted sesame seeds, this bread has a unique aroma and taste. Ideal for table service or to compliment a special sandwich, Semolina is a bread that gets noticed.

Multi Grain

Made with nine grains and flour seeds, this bread is both healthy and flavorful. We add natural honey for sweetness and coat the outside with toasted sunflower seeds to give Multi Grain its characteristic hearty appearance and taste.

Sun-dried Tomato

A unique taste that features freshly grated Parmesan cheese, dried herbs and, of course, sun-dried tomatoes. The aroma and flavor make this bread a compliment to any table.

Potato Bread

Made with baked Yukon Gold potatoes, this hearty bread is great with smoked salmon or any sandwich. The addition of chopped scallions and extra-virgin olive oil creates a surprising flavor.


Inspired by the traditional New York Jewish loaf, this dark, hearty bread uses a rye "sour" starter and is textured with rye meal and a hint of caraway seed. This bread is perfect for any deli sandwich.

Jewish Rye

Using a formula that originated in the Jewish bakeries of New York, this bread is made the traditional way with a rye starter and day-old rye bread. Our Jewish Rye has a mildly"sour" flavor with the aroma of caraway seeds and makes an outstanding Reuban or any other deli sandwich.

Egg & Onion

Our egg & onion bun is hand made with the richness of whole eggs and the complimentary flavor of chopped onions. This is the gourmet hamburger bun.

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