Made with skilled hands using traditional methods and only all-natural ingredients, our breads capture the essence of Old World baking and the exacting standards of chef Susan Spicer. Baked fresh daily, WildFlour Breads comes in a variety of flavors but has a single purpose--to satisfy your taste expectations--no matter how wild.

What is Artisan bread?

The term "artisan" is used in bread baking to identify a process, one known for the extensive use of hand shaping and limited use of machines. This hands-on method of mixing, shaping and baking the bread is itself an art form. Each loaf is unique--our skilled bakers are truly artists. Thus, the bread they create is best described as artisan bread.

What's wild yeast and why is it better?

Wild yeasts are the beneficial microbes present in the air that naturally cause fermentation over time. These microbes are everywhere, found in yogurt as live cultures and introduced during wine making to enhance fermentation. The wild yeast not only gives life to bread but contributes to the complex flavor. Breads made with this ancient levain method use a small piece of today's dough to serve as the seed for tomorrow's baking. This develops the most flavor and best keeping quality of all.

Why is time important?

Time is the essence of our breads. Allowing the dough to rise slowly not only develops flavor, it also makes the dough stronger. The result is a hearty, chewy crumb and a crust that protects the bread from drying out. Most commercially made bread use lots of yeast to speed up the process. At WildFlour Breads, we take our time so you can enjoy true quality artisan bread.

What makes WildFlour Breads so special?

The answer to this question is both simple and complex. Simply said, we bake our bread the old fashioned way using the same traditional formulas and methods of baking found throughout Europe. But it is a difficult and complicated process requiring time, patience, and skill. Our staff works hard to make sure our bread meets our expectations and those of our customers. That's what makes WildFlour Breads unique.

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